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Our Bank is not considered a public company and its stock is not traded on any exchange. A list of people interested in buying or selling Bank stock is maintained. If you want your name added to either the buyer or seller list, or you would like a copy of either list, please contact the stock processing department.

Annual financial statements are mailed to all shareholders of record. If you would like an annual report, please contact our CFO at 410-219-2535. If you would like interim financial information, you can obtain a copy of the Bank’s quarterly call report from the FFIEC website. Once at their site, (Please note you are leaving the Farmers Bank of Willards site once clicking): ffiec.gov, find the FFIEC reports. Follow the instructions provided by the FFIEC. It is the easiest to find the financial information for our bank by selecting the Reports of Condition and Income (Call) and Thrift Financial Reports (TFR) and accessing the bank using the unique identifier of FDIC certificate number. Our number is 5885.

Corporate Headquarters

7484 Market Street
P.O. Box 10
Willards, MD 21874

Stock Processing

31522 Winterplace Parkway
Salisbury, MD 21804