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Farmers bank of williards Mission-Statement

Since 1925, the Farmers Bank of Willards has been dedicated to providing the utmost quality customer service – a true family banking experience with a qualified and helpful staff who sincerely cares about our customers…. and listens to them.

Despite numerous banking mergers and acquisitions over the past several decades, the Directors of the Farmers Bank are committed to continue as a prominent, independent financial institution on Maryland’s Delmarva Peninsula. Our bank remains today under the same local ownership as when it opened its doors in 1925 in Willards, MD.

So what makes a community bank so different from big national and international mega banks, you might ask? One of the biggest reasons is that we have local control over our lending practices and the types of products and services we offer; and we’ve always established our loan and deposit services to help meet the needs of the local communities and our valued customers. With the Farmers Bank, customers come first, and as a smaller local bank, we feel fortunate to have the freedom to be flexible, responsive, and innovative. The banking industry is fast changing, but one thing about us will never change, and that’s our commitment to our loyal customers.

As an independent bank, we also know that our future depends on the growth and vitality of each community we serve. From Salisbury to Ocean City and surrounding areas, we stand ready to meet our customers’ needs. In our everyday routine, we work with our customers to help develop business plans and ideas that will aid their profitability and success. We freely offer our resources and expertise to all our deserving customers. At the Farmers Bank, we continually seek ways to better our communities and its people.

From local Little Leagues and Fire Companies, to helping many worthy charities, we gladly give back to the communities that give so much to us. We are pleased to support economic development initiatives, higher education opportunities, and many community development and quality-of-life projects and organizations.

The Farmers Bank has now grown to eight branches in Wicomico and Worcester counties. While we have not become a “mega” bank, we continue to grow and change with the times. However, we are committed to retain the same spirit today that’s made us the local’s choice since 1925. That spirit is shared and practiced daily by a team of very dedicated staff. Our commitment to excellence means that we commit each day to maintain the highest level of personal customer service as well as continue to offer our customers new services such as internet and mobile banking and totally free checking on both their business and personal accounts. We are extremely proud to be a leader among independent community banks as we embrace the challenge of providing great leadership, strength, and extraordinary and friendly service to all our past, present and future customers.

Respectfully yours,
Christopher F. Davis
The Farmers Bank of Willards