SmartCents Enrollment

Need an easy way to save?  Try FBW SmartCents!  With SmartCents, your debit card purchases will “round up” to the nearest dollar, transferring the amount in excess of your purchase “automatically” to your savings account.  You must have an active checking account with an active debit card, as well as an active savings account.  All debit cards associated with the checking account will be enrolled.  You can cancel enrollment at any time.

How It Works:

  • Each debit card transaction (excluding ATM transactions) will be “rounded up” to the nearest dollar. The amount in excess of the purchase price will then be transferred to the named Savings or Money Market account.
  • The transfers will occur within one day after the debit card transaction POSTS to the account.
  • All debit cards associated with the named Checking account will be enrolled.
  • CONSUMER accounts only!
  • The “round up” transfer will not occur for any transaction which does not have sufficient funds. Once funds are available, transfers will resume the following day.
  • Enrollment can be canceled at any time by contacting FBW by phone (410-835-8906), email (, secure message via FBW Connect or in-person at any branch location.

What You Need to Sign Up:

  • An active Checking Account with an active Debit Card
  • An Active Savings or Money Market Account
  • You must be a signer on BOTH accounts

How to Enroll:

  • Click the notice on FBW Connect and enroll
  • Contact your local branch by phone and provide the required information
  • When visiting a branch, sign up in person or scan the QR Code on the flyer and enroll
  • Enroll online by clicking here!

The Farmers Bank of Willards has met all my business needs along with great personal customer service that is hard to find in today’s banking world. The personal touch is important to me.

-Eastern Shore Water

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